Eva - Fearless

Into the soul of the fearless

Struck by a car in her early 20's that left her in a coma for a month and an acquired brain injury that has forced her to relearn everything for a second time. Ten years later going on to survive cancer.

For most of us it would be to much to endure, but not 
Eva Sifis, there's no stopping this girl! Look into the soul of the fearless and tell me I'm wrong!.


So the subject mater of this image can be considered morbid and I apologise if its upsetting to anyone especially animal lovers.

The story behind it stems from a discussion I had with Flora Fauna (the model in this image) where she revealed that she has a fascination with country cemeteries and as luck would have it during her stay we had the opportunity to drop by one just outside ofDaylesford and took great interest in strolling around reading of the lives of people that had come before us and of the people that they had left behind.

Anyway, whilst I hadn't planned initially for this image to look like this, what I found was as I was editing it, I was drawn to Flora's simple yet angelic pose in this natural setting and my thoughts turned to all the animals that would have lived and died within these woods.

While we humans commemorate and remember the lives of our loved ones and for most of us, we live with the idea or hope that there is always someone or something that is looking over us even after death, the question arose, "Do the animals have the same?" They have as much of a life as we do and I think they deserve it…

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8 Mile (NSFW)

This small series of work is inspired by the grittiness of trailer park living and the carefree attitude of someone who lives for the moment.

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Flora verses the Wasps

What you don't see in this image is the huge Wasp nest that sits just out of frame behind poor Flora Fauna with the opening she is looking out off pretty much their main thoroughfare for them to fly through coming and going to their nest. 

Now, I'm not sure if Flora was just being really brave or simply mad to pose with zero protection, while being continually being investigated by Wasps as their flew by but I'm truly grateful, I knew this shot had the potential to be good but its not only one of most favourites its also one of most memorable.

Thanks Flora :)

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Flora - Our own path

Our own Paths

We live our lives consumed by our own worries, responsibilities fear and self absorbed preoccupation's, our paths seem set yet we are blindly unaware of where it leads or of those we a passing. Maybe its time to look up, you never know what you might discover or who you might find.

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Neave (NSFW)

(NSFW) A natural beauty requires a natural setting so to kick off the start of Autumn Neave and I met up at one of my very favourite places to shoot (My brother in laws) near the beautiful country town of Daylesford. 

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Film Noir

Exploring old Hollywood with a Film Noir feel shoot. Deep shadows, hard light and a beautiful starlet (Laura Kinross) who carries herself with beautiful old world poise and grace. Big thank you to Rhe Shazzi for her amazing Hair and Make up skills.

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Titanium (NSFW)

Titanium is an exploration into the shapes and form of the body, drawing on the individual talents of these artist ranging from gymnastics, ballet and contemporary dance we have endeavoured to create, unique, dynamic and captivating imagery forms ranging from the very simple solo shapes to geometrical productions and beyond.