So the subject mater of this image can be considered morbid and I apologise if its upsetting to anyone especially animal lovers.

The story behind it stems from a discussion I had with Flora Fauna (the model in this image) where she revealed that she has a fascination with country cemeteries and as luck would have it during her stay we had the opportunity to drop by one just outside ofDaylesford and took great interest in strolling around reading of the lives of people that had come before us and of the people that they had left behind.

Anyway, whilst I hadn't planned initially for this image to look like this, what I found was as I was editing it, I was drawn to Flora's simple yet angelic pose in this natural setting and my thoughts turned to all the animals that would have lived and died within these woods.

While we humans commemorate and remember the lives of our loved ones and for most of us, we live with the idea or hope that there is always someone or something that is looking over us even after death, the question arose, "Do the animals have the same?" They have as much of a life as we do and I think they deserve it…

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