Amiga Montessori Work Partnership

Highlighting the ongoing partnership with Amiga Montessori since 2013. I have been providing a broad range of imagery and physical products whilst maintaining a consistent look to adhere to the companies values.

annual Graduation Books - 2018 page layout

Book design - Emphasis on the use of the company’s branding by applying the logo and colours to every page in a usable subliminal form.

Graduate photo - “Hero” shot, photographed on green screen on location with the lighting and background removed in post.

Staff supplied images - sorted and edited to showcase the Students final year at Amiga.

Children’s Artwork and Handwritten name adding individual personal input.

Staff write up as a personal recollection of the child’s time spent at the centre.


Annual Concerts

Marketed towards the parent, the goal is to provide a selection of imagery that showcases the individual child alongside wide angle group shots. A slideshow is displayed at the sign in area to motivate parents to buy the CD and act as a marketing tool for potential new families.


Promotional Billboards/Newspaper advertisements/Website Imagery/Social Media

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Screenshot_2018-11-23 AMIGA Montessori.jpg
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