Our Primal Selves


These images are a visual representation of who we are without the clutter of modern life, our primal selves, monochromatic in colour, monolithic in style and symbolic of a time that once was. The clay, a metaphoric connection to the earth and our past, it allows participants to integrate and become one with their surroundings, permitting them to feel without thought and to express without judgement or consequence. 


A change that occurs when a person chooses to exchange the apparel of todays world for a coating of wet clay, even if its only for a few hours. Not only is the change physical in appearance, psychologically it’s as if there is a release that comes with it and it gives the wearer permission to simply let go of the modern day baggage carried around and simply exist.

The effect is even more exaggerated when people are placed in an natural environment, itself full of basic elements; Stone, Water, Earth, Plant Life. The very elements that nurture and sustain us in life and that over time we all will eventually become.

Over time the clay drys and cracks creating a symbolic road map of our own journey and the textures of our experiences in life. Eventually, as with everything the mud turns to dust unable to hold to the body any longer, it falls to the ground or is washed or blown away and like ourselves it will eventually integrate into something else within this world.

Mud KPP_1028 1.jpg

We as humans are relentless, we quest to evolve and prove that we are dominant over each other and the planet itself, we have forgotten who we are; our organic natural born selves. Yet with the simple act of reconnecting, we remind ourselves that still at heart, primitive beings and we essentially still function the same way we always have.